Wise Owl Publications

We are an award-winning independent Publishing House that will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year; however, our family run firm has a history in the publishing industry dating back to 1934.

Wise Owl has many acclaimed publications with a repertoire of over 400 titles in print on a variety of subjects. These include a prolific collection of colourful books for children of all ages renowned for their faultless Maltese and captivating pictures; books on Maltese History, Culture and Folklore, Natural History, Novels, Health, Recipe books and Workbooks. A highly popular magazine for children is also published.
Internationally, we are praised for outstanding titles on Maltese Military History. Malta at War being the definitive reference encyclopaedia on the subject.

An assortment of other prestigious titles can be viewed on this website.

Our offices are based in the historic town of Rabat (Napoleon had his headquarters next door and St. Paul lived across the road!!! Oh! ... By the way ... our offices were once used as billets for the famous “few” airmen that fought the Air Battle of Malta! At Wise Owl we pride ourselves in keeping up this tradition by creating books that appeal to readers and make history today!

Mark Anthony Vella – The mind behind Malta at War
Natalie Portelli – Malta’s most prolific author of children’s books

Wise Owl Bookshop is a popular venue in Main Street, Rabat which has recently been refurbished and where one can find books to interest readers with varying tastes. A wide variety of publications for young people and topics that attract adult readers, especially books on arts and crafts, hobbies, military history and subjects related to Malta and its rich history, as well as many novels, both in English and Maltese, are also available for the discerning reader.

A large selection of gift books with very attractive prices, ideal as party or classroom gifts, may also be found at Wise Owl Bookshop. Educational toys and Craft material are the latest addition to this little treasure trove.

Wise Owl Publications

59, Levels 0 – 4, Main Street, Rabat RBT 1012, Malta
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